Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hacking--What is it?


I wanted to let you know what hacking is (yeah that is kinda blunt but hey...people need to know!). Hacking is defined by the New American Oxford as: "a piece of computer code that performs some function, esp. anunofficial alternative or addition to a commercial program."

Most people think of hacking in these terms: "to use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system."

Although both are valid terms, please bear in mind that I do not hack to "gain unauthorized access to data" such as hacking Gmail accounts, people's computers or CIA secret files (;D).

I simply hack to customize/improve features of computers.

Just thought I would make that clear for y'all!

Isaac :)


  1. Hey, have you ever tried to hack into someone's computer? Once i tried to hack into my sisters even had a password on it that i did not know!!! I sent her computer a program that I had written myself and...wala!!!

    P.S. Don't Tell Anyone!!!

  2. Lol, I won't tell anyone Jordan, although seeing as your comment is kinda public (for anyone who views the comments of this post)....yeah. :P Haha I have tried a few times, but a program like that would have been more successful. I just tried basic no avail.