Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Windows 7


So I bet you're wondering, "Why does Isaac have pics of Windows on his blog?!?!"
Well guess what? I finally got Windows 7 RC 1 (aka Windows OS 6.1 as the internal file name). I installed it on my 2009 MacBook Pro and it is so far running very nicely. A few things I don't like:
1. ROFL!! I actually find it almost TOO simple to use. I am used to XP which requires a fair amount of geekish-ness to operate efficiently, and when I got Win7, I was like, "Where is all the geeky stuff?" So, altho I don't like all of the simplicity, congrats to Microsoft for FINALLY making Windows easier to use for non-geeks.
2. When an error message pops up in a window, or some type of notification, it is really annoying how the error message will pop up, and then shake VERY VIOLENTLY around until you click on it.
3. I have found the network to be somewhat difficult to figure out. I finally just made shortcuts to turn on Bluetooth and WLAN and put 'em on my desktop.
What I like:
1. I love the way you can pin and re-order items on the Superbar (not taskbar anymore, people!). Although I must admit...it bears a striking resemblance to an OS I am very familiar with...lol, the Mac OS X Dock.
2. Color customization of themes! FINALLY! Windows now lets you customize the colors of your themes (ie: red theme: make it really dark or really light, etc).
3. AeroSnap: drag windows to the sides of the screen until your cursor hits the edge of the screen and you will be subtly prompted to "snap" the window to that side of the screen.
4. Snipping Tool: like the Mac OS X app, you can take screenshots with this tool on the Start Menu.

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