Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Windows Mobile (part 2)

Ok so here is part two of my Windows Mobile hacking :)

First, I tried out the 1st method called iFonz. It looked lame, was slow and overall, well, lame. :)
Turns out the OS i got is a cooked ROM (hybrid OS basically) that has mixes of Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro, HTC OS and a few other hacks. I added a few more features of my own such as:
-iPhone dialing pad
-iPhone-like on-screen keyboard
-iPhone slide-to-unlock screen lock
Basically I like iPhones. :P but this OS isn't all that bad. It runs mainly on the Windows OS which I don't hate near as much as the Windows PC OS (yes, I know about Windows 7 but Leopard and Snow Leopard still lick it!) and it is actually fairly easy to navigate the UI with your fingers instead of the stylus.
Here are a few screenshots:


  1. Wow! That's really cool! You did all this to your new fone?

  2. not all of it…just the unlock screen and the keypad…most of it is just part of the OS that our IT guy at Baer (, one of our companies) fixed up for me. :)